Busy, Busy Time

With an influx of weddings happening at this time of year, it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of being a celebrant, but what excitement for the bride and groom!

I recently performed the weddng of Max and Lydia, who have given me permission to share a little of their story. They began organising their wedding well over a year ago, and in fact they were my first booking for 2009. They had clear ideas on what they wanted, checked suppliers for things they could do themselves, and had the table decorations sitting in their spare room a good six months ago!
Weddings never run exactly according to plan, however, and the week before the wedding, the florist ‘lost’ their booking, the deposit, the flower order, everything. Fortunately this was discovered as Lydia went in to make final payment, but it still took three days to track down missing information – and by this stage the florist had six other bridal orders for that day, and the chances of Lydia getting her chosen flowers at this late stage was fairly remote. Lydia had a vision of her wedding however, and when her mother -in – law to be tracked down a friend of hers, a retired florist, Lydia was very happy. This lady, also a keen gardener and lover of fine flowers, has a wide network, and within three hours, equivalent flowers were donated or purchased. The care that went into the floral bouquets far exceeded what Lydia might have had.
The moral of the story? Marriage ceremonies and weddings are busy, busy times, and things happen. Lydia’s advice is to go with the flow, because sometimes there are lovely surprises waiting out there – and they sure make a good talking and laughing point after the wedding!
Whenever, wherever your wedding might be, just enjoy it!

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