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Courtesy is a wonderful thing.
I was in doing some shopping the other day and for reasons known only to itself, the self-service kiosk didn’t like weighing my fruit and vegies and kept coming up with a message to get assistance – which the sweet young thing did cheerfully the first time, but by the seventh [...]

Back to work!

I know, there are lots of people hard at work this week, with the holiday season already a distant memory. I have been fortunate to extend my holiday into this week, but looks like it is time to get back to work!
I met a couple yesterday who are already well into wedding preparations for their [...]

The start of the New Year

There is something wonderful about the start of a New Year. Excitement in the air, a fresh start, new potential directions. To me the brilliant Bougainvillea sums up the vibrant feeling of a New Year…
A friend of mine, Jeanne Raffer Beck,  writes that she has chosen a word to sum up what she hopes [...]