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Courtesy is a wonderful thing.
I was in doing some shopping the other day and for reasons known only to itself, the self-service kiosk didn’t like weighing my fruit and vegies and kept coming up with a message to get assistance – which the sweet young thing did cheerfully the first time, but by the seventh [...]

Ahhh, it has been a long time since updating any blog posts. I have had such a busy wedding season, and have met so many wonderful, wonderful people. It is so nice to meet with people with clear ideas of what they want for their wedding, but it is also nice when they can be [...]

Back to work!

I know, there are lots of people hard at work this week, with the holiday season already a distant memory. I have been fortunate to extend my holiday into this week, but looks like it is time to get back to work!
I met a couple yesterday who are already well into wedding preparations for their [...]

The start of the New Year

There is something wonderful about the start of a New Year. Excitement in the air, a fresh start, new potential directions. To me the brilliant Bougainvillea sums up the vibrant feeling of a New Year…
A friend of mine, Jeanne Raffer Beck,  writes that she has chosen a word to sum up what she hopes [...]


I love some of the traditions that marriage ceremonies have embedded within them.
How many people know that the word ‘bride’ originally comes from the olde English word that meant ‘cook’? The word ‘groom’ basically meant ‘male child’. Hence, bride and groom traditionally mean the male and his cook!! Oh dear, what would feminists do with [...]