Courtesy is a wonderful thing.

I was in doing some shopping the other day and for reasons known only to itself, the self-service kiosk didn’t like weighing my fruit and vegies and kept coming up with a message to get assistance – which the sweet young thing did cheerfully the first time, but by the seventh lot of fruit and vegies, she was less than helpful. I asked her to weigh some for me then – only to get the same message – and by that stage¬†her response¬†was close to a snarl.

I had to ring a technician to walk me through a reasonably minor glitch, and bearing in mind that I have paid for the support service (and rarely use it), this young man was SO rude and insulting. ‘I hate old computers’ he said and when I pointed out that I had updated mine recently, he was still not happy, very curt and generally unhelpful. Lucky there are online forums to assist…

So where has the courtesy gone? Sometimes it is far more productive to smile, take a minute to listen and good-naturedly work though something. On the other hand, I have had wonderful experiences with Daniel from CareerOne, while trying to place an online ad that would not load properly, and Bec from Sensis Yellow pages, and a couple of other very helpful and laughing souls. You know where I will go back and courtesy costs so little but goes so far.

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