Dreams and other profound thoughts!

I have a very good friend who is a textile artist of some repute in the USA – Jeanne Beck  – http://artbyjeannebeck.blogspot.com/ - and Jeanne is living her dream of creating art. There are times in a person’s life when they meet kindred spirits, and even though Jeanne and I have only met once in person, we keep in touch via blogs and emails. Recently she posted something on her blog asking people to handwrite their response to the question ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if….’ While I have sent Jeanne my handwritten thoughts, I thought it might be nice to add a blog about this to my site, as marriages and other ceremonies are such profound times in people’s lives…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…

- every couple who are marryng this year appreciate what a wonderful life opportunity and gift they have been given. It is so fortunate when we meet our true soul mate – and the gift should never be taken for granted.

- every person who is planning a ceremony this year – a renewal, a child naming, a commitment, whatever – acknowledges how important those ceremonies are, and treats them importantly. They mark our life milestones, and each and every one is important.

-every person celebrating life achievements has fun! it is so easy to get tied up in knots with all the preparations, but to forget that the celebration is also the marking of the event… the stopping still for a second or two to thank the deities or the universe or whatever for the good fortune bestowed, and the wondrous acknowledgement of spirit together.

I am sure others have far more profound thoughts to add to this list, but that was my start for today. Please feel free to add to it – I so love hearing what other people think is important in their lives…

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