celeb291In a very philosophical mood, today I was reflecting on the value of friends. In the photo with this post, you will see some very special celebrant friends of mine РMarika McKenzie, me, Bilawara Lee and Yvonne Falckh. We met during our training to be come marriage celebrants, and have maintained a firm friendship ever since. We have developed resources together, created a fantastic website and by and large, had a great many laughs together. I have been fortunate in that I have these friendships in my life.

Shortly I will be the celebrant at another friend’s wedding, someone I met while working in Curriculum Services Branch. I won’t steal her thunder as she will have her own news on Facebook, but it is these lovely friendships that add value to our lives. Perhaps that is why I enjoy being a celebrant – we get to see these friendships in every ceremony.

So, whatever you happen to be drinking – here’s to friendships!

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