Other Ceremonies

I offer a range of ceremonies, designed and developed professionally with you. No two ceremonies are the same, and I spend much time with each couple or client, ensuring that your ceremony is just as you imagine it. I offer FREE use of a signing table, where necessary.

Click on any of the links below to view details of some of our other ceremonies.

Commitment Ceremony : Renewing of Vows : Naming Ceremony : Croning/Saging Ceremony : Life-change Ceremony : Service and Fees

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies are for any couple wishing to commit to each other, whether same-sex or heterosexual. While there are no legal requirements associated with this ceremony, it can be as deeply meaningful as the marriage ceremony, and can be completely individualised to each couple’s requirements.

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Renewing of Vows

Renewing of vows is usually a ceremony for those long-married or long-committed couples who wish to revisit, or renew their original vows of marriage or commitment. Each ceremony is unique, and I enjoy creating a personal and moving ceremony to mark the importance of the passing years in terms of commitment and love.

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Naming Ceremony

A Naming ceremony is the civil equivalent of a christening ceremony. A Naming ceremony can be performed for any child ranging in age from a new-born through to a teenager.

Download naming ceremony brochure here

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Croning/Saging Ceremonies

The original intent of the Croning (female) or Saging (male) ceremony are linked from ancient time to the wisdom of the Wise Women and Elders of the Tribe. Today, the ceremonies are usually linked to ceremonies marking menopause, retirement or other changing of life circumstances relating to age, wisdom and knowledge.

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Life-change Ceremony

Whenever a life-change occurs, whether marking a move of house or interstate, change of job or profession, graduation or promotion, a unique and personal life-change ceremony can be developed with me. I am a skilled public speaker, and raconteur of stories, so whatever the occasion, let me help you to design a personal, unique and individual ceremony.

This list could go on forever, but generally, I offer ceremonies for:

  • Naming of boats / yachts and houses;
  • Graduation or achievement of academic goals;
  • Welcome to honoured family guests such as grandparents or great grandparents;
  • Retirement ceremonies, including ‘This is your Life’ type ceremonies;
  • Marital ceremonies such as celebrations of separation and divorce;
  • And the list goes on…

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Services and Fees

In each of the instances above, I offer a unique and personal service and ceremony which includes the following:

  • An obligation-free initial meeting to meet and explore what sort of ceremony you are after
  • Preparation and creation of all documents, such as certificates, prior, during and after the ceremony
  • Use of my extensive library of resources, including ceremony and certificate ideas
  • A ceremony uniquely tailored to suit your needs
  • An on-site rehearsal if necessary
  • Presentation of your ceremony
  • Use of my presentation table, ivory brocade tablecloth and white chairs ( for signing of certificates)
  • Travel time and costs
  • A copy of your ceremony printed on parchment for your Memory Book.

For more information, please contact me through my booking and enquiries form.

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