Welcome to Dream Dancer Celebrations and a new blog on the street!

The launch of a new website is always exciting. I know there are some who can throw a new website together and have it operating within a day or two, but this website has been prefaced by thought, planning, discussion with the two talented web creators Leah and Jamie (www.workingsolo.com.au) and much delight.

I am a ceremony specialist, and as well as being a registered civil marriage celebrant, I have been honoured and privileged to plan and perform a range of ceremonies with people. That is what this blog will be about mostly – the experiences, the ceremonies, and the people that I meet. If some of my comments provides food for thought as you plan your own ceremony, how exciting is that!

So thank you for coming with me on this journey. I love blogs, and love the immediacy of connecting with other people who enjoy the ceremonial aspects of life, whether as a celebrant like myself, or a person scouring the internet for ideas.

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